Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Back...................

And as they say better than ever!!! Very good trip in LA only on cancellation or should I say postponement. Met a lot of the new actors and starlets and they are not all 21!!!! So look for some super hot and sexy scenes. From this trip be on the look out for:
A fire scene with Vida, John Q, and myself where we all go hard but who remains the last one standing........
2 Super hot scenes with myself and Pinky along with a soon to be classic with Prince, that will make you cream on yourself!!!!! She is no joke with that strap-on and her ass is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal!! Tight work!!

Ms. Phat Booty #4/In Depth Productions
Another to be talked about scene with none other than Mr. Johnny Depth as he shows me just where the name cums from!!!!(HAHA)Directed by the ever booty-ful Diana Devoe. I just love working with her!!!

Backside Bounce #4/Black Market Productions
And last but not least a killer scene with Lucki Star. A newcomer to me but a fast favorite...look for that from Black Market Productions soon!!

I'll see if I can sneak you all a few pics to tie you over til the release!!!!! But all in all I had a great time and I will be on the scene more and more. I have found my inner-peace!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ok this was supposed to be my big return to XXX. Do you know all my shoots got cancelled. Then I here its the same for other girls no work etc!!!! Alot of the companies are in Brazil shooting (need to see the list of male talent so I can add them to my No-shooting list) but I mean damn!!!! WTF So I think from now on until LA recovers................... I think XXX may be feeling the effects of the rise of Internet, the over-abundance of people claiming to be reputable companies, boot-legging of videos, etc. This is normally the busy time for porn but no one is busy at all!!! May need to start another mainstream job search!!!
My new quote for XXX was "They got me out here Brett Farve-ing......trying to see if I still got it...!!!", and then this and now he retired today. Hmm is that a hint????

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gun Toting Dog Walkers

Oh My God!!!!!!!!!

Ok as you all know I am in love with my pitbull puppy. Polo is about 8 months now and likely 65 lbs. I also have a Schitzu (or however you spell it) that is about 7 years old. Now the Pitbull is still a puppy and loves to play with everyone. I tend to take him outside in my own yard unleashed because he is trained to stop when called. Etc. Now there are several other dogs on this block and all throughout the subdivision. So today I took my dog outside to collect some trash that had blown into the yard since it was super windy today. As we are coming from the back side of the house I see this lady walking her dog. I already knew my dog would want to run over and play so I said to him Polo 'Stop'. he looked at me (the lady is across the yard and in the street) and started to run and busted a quick u-turn back to me. Meanwhile she screams get your dog, I said "he's not going to do"... and before I could finish my sentence; she reached in her pocket pulled out a gun and shot at my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that is what I said; she shot at my dog in my yard. My dog was at least 50 feet away.

So after the shock wore off I lost it. "Bitch are you crazy?????"!!!!! So my friend was home calls 911 and the local pd comes out. Apparently Ms. Petrified has a permit. But I ask you who the fuck walks around at 5pm in the afternoon with a loaded gun in their pocket. This bitch is psycho and personally I think planned on shooting someone. She walks up and down this street daily and see's myself and the two dogs all the time. He doesn't bark unless you ring the doorbell so he was not viciously headed her way. If you are that scary you don't need to walk down this street that includes 2 pitbulls, a lab, and a Rotweiler!!! But what pissed me off the most were two things. One she didn't apologize, she didn't say I was really scared, she didn't say shit it was like "and what"... at least lie and tell me you were attacked by a dog or something. People who are scared of dog's nthey don't usually have one. Then her dog is not a miniature dog either. He is at least twice as big as my Schitzu. Then the pd's response was well we're not going to write you a citation? A citation for being in my own yard???? Are you serious? I don't live in Iraq there is no need for a gun that is locked and loaded in your pocket to walk down the street. Because she didn't have to put a clip in or release a safety, she came out her pocket firing. I vow vengeance!!!!!!! I thought at the least they would have cited her for unlawfully discharging a firearm. That bullet could have hit me, hit someone outside on the next block over, whatever!!! To be continued..........

P.S. this was at my lovely suburbian home in Atlanta!!!!!! That shit would never fly in Miami baby!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ok I have thought long and hard and talked it over with friends and family and the bottom line is this.......... My sudden retirement was mainly from irritation, anger, and frustration at a deal gone bad. If perhaps I had a laid out plan with set steps along the way it would have succeeded. I didn't. I am bored at home, tired of traveling to see clients, but I have had time to get myself together and that having been said I am going to continue to do videos for about 18months or until I finish a certification I am working on. I have built up a lifestyle that I am NOT willing to throw away just to please society. The team of friends, boyfriends, family etc that I have with me now are sincere and non-adult so they have no ulterior motives and respect me and whatever decision I go with and that is what I have decided. So there is an end but there is a method that will be followed so there will be no financial regrets. Plus the economy is shit right now and looking at the job market based on what I have on my resume is like what the hell.......!!!! I would lose it all and it would be like what was it all for. I have three friends right now that have been 'employed' for sometime now and with the exception of one were all living within their means but are still losing their houses.

And to those that want me to the moment I have no desire to shoot my own videos because I have no desire to live in LA and it just doesn't translate the same when not there unless you have 7 figure capital to set yourself up like the wonderful people at Score Group in Miami or Bang Bros in Miami. Who knows maybe I will retire and enter into entertainment that way but for now..........I am not ready to eat beans and rice after having sushi and lobster for so long at will!!!! Since most true porn stars have somewhere like 250+ titles and I may be at around 110-115 at best I am good there as well. Ideally a contract would be nice because I have never been one to shoot with just everyone and that will not change now:)!!

On another note a friend and I were discussing something that he says bothers women. He had a woman he was dating ask him how many people he had slept with in his life-time. I was shocked that would even matter especially to a woman. But when he told her apparently she was shocked an appalled. (his #s rival mine I'm sure) But my ??? of the week is would you ask your lover/boy/girl friend this question. And if so what does it matter? What does it show or prove is one has more or less than the other person????

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!

Sorry I have been MIA. I was on and off and on vacation again!!! I went all out this year for Christmas and decorated the house in and outside and gave everyone a gift or tip. Hell even the mailman!!! My 2 dogs even had stockings.

Now we said we would re-visit the video issue in Jan. And here we are. I am still holding out. I don't think its in me anymore. The only time I really think of doing them is when I see new box covers etc etc. So sorry still no come back as of now. Pics yes so look to see some of those soon!

I am back on the job search and one thing about it the phone rings contantly but trying to weed through BS for an actual career opportunity is like .......uhhhhh. So I vow to do 2 interviews a week and spend 30 min/day either sending resumes or answering calls etc etc and by the end of Feb if I am still jobless I think I will just get my insurance license and hopefully ride off into the sunset.

On the romantic tip I did give someone the time of day and things are going smoothly. So who knows. Right now we are just dating but he fits all my requirements and we have lots of fun etc when we are together so we'll see.....

On the football front went to the Orange Bowl last night. Wow the excitement of it all. I went for VT but they sucked the entire game. I didn't see the final stats but I saw at least 5 sacs by Kansas in the 1st 1/2! How did they get to the Orange Bowl.

The Falcons are cursed indefinitely. Parcells is cleaning house, which I don't agree with. Its not Cam's fault. They haven't had a winning season since they let Jimmy Johnson go. And they never will until they get a QB and cut dead weight like the weed head they can't seem to lose.

I have my Randy Moss and my T.O. jersey ready. That is my hope and prediction. If it comes true I will just cheer for the 81s. Ha

But all in all things are good. Learning to make time for family and friends and just overall more comfortable with life on a day to day basis. So who knows what will or won't happen but I am not too stressed about it!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

P.S. Why is everyone always looking "for the arrogance" in what I say. Anyone that really knows me knows better. I bend over backwards for ture friends and will give them my last anytime. That statement where I decided "to give someone the time of day" was testament to the fact that I was NOT doing relationships. Not that I am too arrogant to give people the time. Come on people!!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Ok I will elaborrate on this weekend later. But I would like to ask a question.

If you were a young man recently released from jail, for a crime that was sexually related, controversial, political and racial. Where is the last place on the planet you would be??????????

After I get some answers I will explain.